Car Accident Victims Must Get Treated For Whiplash

Many people who have had a car accident at a low speed do not seek medical treatment. Kindly note several serious injuries could result from accidents at speeds below 15mph. The most common injury being whiplash,which is a neck injury that’s caused by the hypertension of neck muscles. This injury is likely to happen in rear-end crashes. As people view it as a minor injury,it could lead to car accident claim complications,or the insurance firm may not be too willing to compensate for the injury,so get a SC on your side.

Common Whiplash Symptoms

Medical evidence is unarguably the most effective method to ascertain the severity of injuries after a car crash. Therefore,seeing the doctor right after a car crash,minor or major,is advisable. Right after the accident,there could be little to zero symptoms of whiplash. However,only some hours later,you may experience issues such as:

• Pain in the arm,neck,jaw or head

• Spasms or muscle tightness in the back or neck

• Neck stiffness

• Lower or upper back stiffness

• Decreased range of movement in the upper portion of the body

• Insomnia or fatigue

• Dizziness,nausea or vertigo

• Difficulty swallowing

• Blurred vision

• Weakness or numbness in the arms

Swift Treatment Could Mitigate Further Injuries

When undergoing a medical examination,make sure you accurately and clearly convey your pain or symptoms to the doctor. There could be major injuries undercover,and which would not heal with just rest. Such injuries include a spinal cord injury,ruptured discs,head injury,and spinal fracture.

If further complications are ruled out,the doctor would inform you about the possibilities of whiplash injuries causing severe pain in the subsequent weeks. Doctors could prescribe exercises and painkillers to decrease pain and increase the range of movement. In case the pain is major,get a note from your doctor,which would come in handy when claiming compensation from your insurance firm.

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