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Tough Choices on Iraq

     It can be safely said that the Middle East is the cesspool of international diplomacy.  Conflicts of religious and nationalistic natures have raged for thousands of years.  Into the fray in recent decades has been the United States, a relative new-comer in the great power game.

By Mark Publius  03/28/02


Report on former Deputy Mayor Schoolnik's

unwelcome behavior

     Schoolnik - who smelled of alcohol and does not work for Veterans Memorial Skating Rink - walked into a room closed to the public and began talking to the four girls. "Hi cutie," he told one of them. 

By Donald J. Dodd 03/25/02


The Dependence of

Socialism on Amorality

     Enron.  Everyone, who is familiar with recent news, knows the name.  Many questions have been asked about the fall of the Texas based energy-trading giant, except perhaps the most important question.  What moral failings caused the leadership of Enron to engage in deceptive accounting practices?

By Paul Peters 03/21/02


West Hartford Taxpayers under fire from Harris Tax Scheme

     The newly elected mayor, Jonathan Harris (D), who has never held elected office before is spearheading one of largest tax increases in West Hartford history. Harris said he and his team were unwilling to discuss specific budget details at the forum despite the barrage of questions raised by residents.

By Tom Evers 03/19/02


Bye, Bye Schoolnik   

(Don't let the door…)

     According to multiple media sources, West Hartford Democratic Councilman, Andrew Schoolnik, 26, resigned as Deputy Mayor and then hours later after a special closed-door session with his fellow Councilmen -- resigned from the Town Council for "inappropriate behavior towards town employees".

By Tom Evers 03/17/02


Just when you thought it was safe to celebrate Jim Shae Day

     What would be the chances that a young man who was raised in our own beautiful Town of West Hartford would work hard, follow in the footsteps of two generations of excellence and win an Olympic gold medal? 

By Tom Evers 03/15/02


The Curious Phenomenon of Paul Hewson

     His songs like One, Where the Streets Have No Name, and Beautiful Day are the some of the greatest in music history. But politics and the political ideas are a different realm.

By Mark Publius  03/13/02


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West Hartford

Gossip, Rumors and Tales of Deceit

By Donald J. Dodd

March 28, 2002

     On the eve of President George W. Bush's visit to South Carolina, Republican U.S. Representative Lindsey Graham (R) told a group of business leaders that the United States will launch a major military action to overthrow Iraq's Saddam Hussein by fall.  Graham said his information is based on intelligence briefings, contact with the Bush administration and his attendance at a recent international conference in Germany.  U.S. Representative John Spratt (D), who was also on the panel, expressed surprise and said Vice President Dick Cheney had not received the support from Saudi Arabia on his recent visit to the Middle East that would provide the land base needed for such a campaign.  White House spokeswoman Jeanie Mamo wouldn't comment. She provided a March 20 statement from press secretary Ari Fleischer, who had said the Bush administration hasn't made any decisions "about that phase in the war on terror."

     A Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday shows Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) of New York maintains a comfortable 62 percent approval rating, with 16 percent disapproval and 22 undecided. Bloomberg's numbers have dropped off slightly since he took office, a Febuary 6 poll showed Bloomberg had an overall 65 percent approval, with 6 percent disapproval and 29 percent undecided.

     Governor Jim Hodges (D) of South Carolina officially kicked off his bid for a second term Tuesday when he signing papers to enter the race.  Hodges is not expected to have any competition within his own party. Seven Republicans are seeking the GOP nomination including the sitting lieutenant governor, attorney general, and secretary of state and a former U.S. House member.

March 27, 2002

     President George W. Bush will be in Connecticut April 9 to support Good Governor John G. Rowland, U.S. Representative Nancy Johnson and U.S. Representative Rob Simmons. The president also plans to make a public visit with U.S. Representative Christopher Shays.

     Ada Fisher and Douglas Sellers, both candidates for the North Carolina seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Senator Jesse Helm, walked out of a GOP dinner Monday where former presidential candidate Elizabeth Dole was scheduled to make the Keynote address.  Several of the candidates seeking the Republican Senate Nomination have complained party officials are giving Dole preferential treatment.  As Dole arrived, Fisher posted herself outside with a protest sign.  Later, during the introductions, Fisher was again denied an opportunity to speak and both Fisher and Sellers got up and left.  If seems such slights are far too common within a party that considers fostering competition one of its founding principles.  Most recently, similar conduct among individuals at the White House and in Congress cost the GOP a majority in the U.S. Senate.

     President George W. Bush has selected Arizona trauma surgeon Richard Carmona to be surgeon general and Dr. Elias Zerhouni, executive vice dean at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, to direct the National Institutes of Health.  The Senate must confirm Carmona and Zerhouni before filling the two top health policy and research positions.

March 26, 2002

     One of President George W. Bush's cousins, Republican Jamie Bush, announced he is considering a run for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts.  Bush, who is never held elected office, is the son of Prescott S. Bush Jr., brother of former president George H. W. Bush.  Businessman James Rappaport and former mayor Patrick Guerriero of Melrose are already running for the Republican nomination.  In Massachusetts, candidates for governor and lieutenant governor are not required to run together.

     U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D) of South Dakota, who served five terms in the U.S. House before winning his Senate seat in 1996, announced his intentions to seek a second term Monday.  The GOP consider Johnson's seat vulnerable and President George W. Bush personally lobbied Republican U.S. Representative John Thune for the race.  Republicans made up more than 48 percent of South Dakota's registered voters, 38 percent are Democrats and the remaining 14 percent are independent or other. 

March 25, 2002

     According to a report published Thursday, state Public Health Commissioner Joxel Garcia caused a three-car accident last fall while speeding through a West Hartford traffic signal while using the red emergency strobes on his state car. The commissioner told police he was responding to a call from his staff about the discovery of a single anthrax spore on a letter to a Seymour family, and was rushing to his office.  Governor John G. Rowland's spokesman, Dean Pagani, said Garcia "probably should not have been using flashing lights."  Garcia suffered a separated shoulder and was given a verbal warning for failure to obey a traffic signal.  The two other cars received extensive front-end damage.  In an unrelated incident, Central Connecticut State University President Richard J. Judd was reprimanded by the Connecticut State University Board of Trustees for impersonating a police officer.  Judd admitted he used the emergency strobes on his state car to pull over a motorist he believed was speeding. A judge granted Judd a special form of probation that will allow him to avoid having a criminal record.

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