Which transportation is the safest?

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Ladies and gents, in light of the tragic train crash in Philly (and yes we know this isn’t about Dallas) we wanted to touch on this touchy subject.

Are we safe on the buses and trains that are operated by some mystery guy/gal in which a random company qualifies for us? I mean who really knows what these guys’ qualifications really are. No one really knows except for the ones actually in the system already.

Of course in my personal opinion I feel safer on a train, but then again as the new modern day keeps trucking along. Are trains and planes and any other large transportation vehicle becoming less safe due to the opportunity to be hacked?

I mean multiple articles in just the past 2-3 months have been nothing about planes being hacked. If they can hack that they can damn sure hack a little train. While on a flip, I’m not so sure they could hack a bus? With less technology and opportunity to these days’ hackers the better off you are.

Does everyone know what that means?

Our tech age will progress and our transportation methods will back track.

EVERYONE back to the saddle and carriage.

Obviously we know this would never happen. Society today would never be willing to give up their new 2015 mustang just for the chance of them being hacked.

A more likely possibility will include security defense systems on our cars to help fight off hackers.

Which in return will lead to an inflated price for those willing to have the special software.

I’m telling you people this is the future as we know it. Hackers and cyber crooks that is where we are headed as a nation. Now I know I got off topic just a bit, because obviously the train wasn’t hacked. It just had some lazy bozo who fell asleep and magically has no memory as to what happened on that day.

I mean who would have said anything different if we were in his shoes, let’s be honest? You just killed 9 humans and injured several dozen more. The last thing you would want to do is come out and say…”sorry I fell asleep” or better yet…”I was texting sorry” He better not say that. Nobody would be able to handle the truth and that is the truth.

So how about taxi’s or possibly even a limo service? These seem to be a little safer right? Taxi’s maybe not as much as a limo but still if you think the guy is sketchy just say pull over and run.

Me and my wife took a limo the other night through Dallas (Rowlett VIP Limo to be exact) and I tell you what..Talk about luxury. Wow. It felt nice and I must admit I felt pretty safe as well.

What do you guys think? Which method would you prefer for transportation? Leave a comment below with what you think.

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Plane
  • Limo
  • Taxi
  • Screw this Ill drive myself.

Radiofree Dallas

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We are back in action coming at you live from Dallas, Tx.

We let our busy schedules get in the way of us keeping up with our website and now we are starting all over again. The only difference is….We are no longer in West Hartford. Though we will miss it and it is where we made a million memories, we needed something new.

So please forgive us for the transition to a new city. Especially a city of this size. There will be a ton to keep up with but also that much more to write about as well.

We will take this fact with a grain of salt and be on the look for developing stories in the area.

Also, with this being a new site and us still needing help to keep her afloat, we will ask for contributors on the site. If you have a knack for writing stories and making readers entertained with your posts, give us a shout!

The more we can shoot out on the web the better, as long as it is all valid and respectful (yes we know this may be hard at times).

Unsure of what’s to come is where we are, but we are jumping in with both feet. We don’t plan on getting behind this time but please forgive us if we do!

To all of our followers and family in the West Hartford area…If you are still following us and would still like to contribute to our page please let us know. We are thinking about having a separate page for just Connecticut.

We aren’t completely going away from home you know? We are the same old guys from before but now a little higher up in a loft downtown with a view many would kill for.

Dallas really is a beautiful city and it has been everything we thought it would be when we moved here a few months ago.

The people here are very nice and courteous. Also, it’s not just like what you see on TV. Not everyone is on horses and wearing a cowboy hat. In fact I have seen some of the trendiest people out right around where we live.

We are now retired and living a life we have dreamed about for years now.

Life is good and that is how we wanted to start tings off. We want to hear from any readers out there right now. Share your life stories so we can get to know you. The closer we can get to our viewers the better we will be able to influence and guide our audience.

Also share any topics of interest that you may have. There are quite a few interesting ones as of late. For those that don’t know we touch on topics of all sorts. Literally from everything politics to travel to anything that pops up on the 5 o’clock news.

Shoot us the ideas and we still start getting the content popping. Remember to add us to your subscription lists if you can and be looking for more posts to come.